The Truth Lies Within

Jerry Lewis, M.A., retired as a Lieutenant from the New Jersey State Police after twenty-five years of service. He was the supervisor of the Violent Crime Analysis and Polygraph Unit. He has been a polygraph examiner for thirty-five years and has conducted more than 4000 criminal-specific examinations. He has been recognized as an expert in Statement Analysis. Jerry was one of the first detectives in the United States to be trained in this technique, having analyzed thousands of statements since that time. He has been teaching Statement Analysis since 1984 and regularly consults with law enforcement agencies on serious and complex investigations. Jerry has conducted interviews for every type of crime. Due to his success in obtaining confessions, in 1988 he developed a five-day Interview and Interrogation Course, which is still one of the most popular courses offered at the New Jersey State Police Academy. This forty-hour course has been presented to law enforcement officers from across the United States and Canada. He has customized training for agencies such as United States Customs and the Department of Gaming Enforcement. He is a certified police instructor and has lectured on Interviewing for numerous police academies, the Chicago Police Academy, New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, MAGLOCLEN, New Jersey Polygraphists, New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife, United States Probation and Parole, New Jersey Dept. of Corrections, IRS,  Royal Canadian Mounted Police,  Ontario Provincial Police, and the Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists. He has been a guest lecturer at numerous specialty schools such as the Delaware State Police Homicide School, New Jersey Homicide Investigator's Association Conference and the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons School. He holds a Masters Degree in Education from Seton Hall University and as an adjunct professor he developed a course on Criminal Investigation. He is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University where he presents his Tactical Interviewing Program. During the past thirty-five years he has trained more than 30,000 law enforcement officials in the art of interrogation.

About the Instructor