The Truth Lies Within

Psycho Logic

Jerry A. Lewis

The Tactical Interviewing Program® with Psycho Logic®

After attending many interviewing courses throughout his career, Jerry Lewis found that he was still lacking some vital information.

     Why do different techniques work only some of the time?

     What themes can be adapted to every person?

The search for these answers revealed some surprising facts.  Do we really have to first identify the type of person we are dealing with before attempting to uncover the truth?  This is too much of an obstacle to overcome when investigators only have limited time to conduct their interviews.  Without a doctorate in psychology, how can we be sure to classify personality types accurately.

     Is there one method of interviewing that is effective for all people, regardless of their upbringing and experience?

Jerry Lewis never learned the answer to these questions in any classroom.  Instead, he debriefed every person that confessed to a crime and asked what made them admit the truth when they did, and why had they continually lied to everyone else?  The answers changed his entire outlook on the interrogation process.  He began developing techniques which seemed to be at odds with conventional wisdom.  His personal experience is extensive.  During his last 15 years of conducting interviews for police agencies, he was able to elicit confessions from more than 90% of all those deceptive subjects he interviewed.  This was all the more impressive because:


     1.  He rarely had the opportunity to conduct the first interview of any person - most suspects in major investigations had
          been interrogated numerous times previously.  They were good liars who adamantly denied their involvement to  
          seasoned law enforcement officers.

     2.  Most cases were of a significant, serious, or sensitive nature.

     3.  Crimes ranged from theft to sexual assault, homicide, and white collar.  There was no specialization in any type of

     4.  He reviewed the case facts just before meeting the suspect.

     5.  Traveling throughout the state, he had to develop techniques which were effective on all types of people.

His experience and the answers he received during his debriefing session resulted in his developing:

Psycho - of the mind
Logic - effective force, influence

Psycho Logic® applies the science of how all human minds reach decisions, such as to tell the truth or deny, to the interviewing process.  He discovered that Psycho Logic® is the one approach that works on everyone.  Many investigators use some of these scientific principles without understanding how they work.  In fact, many investigators may make mistakes in their first five minutes that keep their subjects from confessing even hours later.  Psycho Logic® explains why it seems that certain techniques only work on some people, some of the time.  Jerry Lewis has discovered the basic principles that apply in every case.

Psycho Logic® reveals what one factor must be present before anyone will confess.  In fact, this is probably what is missing each time an investigator knows he/she has the right person but cannot get them to admit the truth.  Once this major tenet of interviewing is explained, students will understand there is only one way to conduct any interview, be it a road stop, a field interview, or a pre-planned interrogation.