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  • Do you want to know who is telling the truth and who isn't, whether on the job, watching unsolved mysteries on TV, or reading about the latest crime in your local newspaper?  Do you wish you could see through all of the tangled webs and figure out what really happened? How did they get so good at lying and why can't we tell?  
  • Jerry Lewis will present an informative and entertaining look at the science of detecting lies.  With more than 38 years experience as a polygraph examiner, 20 with the New Jersey State Police and 18 years in private practice, he has formulated an effective system of conducting interviews. It is unique because he treats everyone the same - victim, witness, suspect or informant.  It doesn't matter what type of person they are or what type of crime it is.  How can this be? Because every human being's brain works the same way as it processes information and makes decisions.  We can tap into that if we know how to look and listen.  If you understand how you lie, when you lie, and why you lie, then you can understand everyone else.  Whether it is basically an honest person just padding his insurance claim a little or a serial killer denying his guilt, the signs are the same.
  • Even if you know nothing about the case, the person you are talking to knows whether he/she is lying - so should you!  No experience is needed.  These techniques are so simple, you can even use them over the phone!
  • Jerry wil use examples from New Jersey cases, personal experiences, and nationally recognized cases to illustrate his points.  Forget about fidgeting fingers, poor eye contact, or signs of nervousness.  Come and see if this common sense approach can help you solve some of the mysteries in your life.


  • The thoughts and ideas contained herein are not meant to construe that opinions of another person's honesty can be made with 100% accuracy.  A human being's motivations, attitude, and upbringing create unlimited unique circumstances.  The information presented herein is based on the training and experience of the instructor, Jerry A. Lewis, and is offered solely to illustrate various techniques and approaches to assist the student in the performance of their duties. Each student is reminded that with increased knowledge comes increased responsibility and it is their duty to employ methods that conform to all applicable laws and department regulations.

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