Statement Analysis


  • Lt. Jerry Lewis (retired polygraph examiner) New Jersey State Police, was one of the first detectives trained in the United States in Statement Analysis.  After analyzing more than 10,000 statements in criminal cases, he has become one of the country's foremost authorities in this unique field.  He is consulted by law enforcement agencies throughout the US and Canada to analyze statements taken from suspects, victims, witnesses and informants to determine their truthfulness.  He identified the killer of Megan Kanka (Megan's Law) after being read a witness's statement over the phone.
  • This 2-day course will demonstrate how to obtain statements and analyze them to determine their truthfulness. Attendees will learn to spot weak areas and exploit them using the subject's own words.  When used properly this method of analyzing statements is not only as accurate as the polygraph for determining a person's truthfulness, it garners much more information for the investigator to use in his interview and subsequent interrogation.
  • What sets this course apart from others is EXPERIENCE in the field.  Jerry Lewis was trained in January of 1984. Since then he personally used the technique while interviewing two to three people EVERY DAY to resolve cases. Many instructors now teach the rules of Statement Analysis but how many ot them actually employed the techniques on a daily basis during a one-time interview of a suspect or victim?  Jerry will not only teach you how to obtain a proper statement and analyze it but to utilize that information to clear the innocent and get confessions from the guilty!

  • Students are invited to bring statements in for evaluation.