Tactical Interviewing Program


  • The Tactical Interviewing Program is a total Interview and Interrogation Technique.  It was formulated by the instructor, Jerry Lewis, based on his 38 years experience conducting interviews and polygraph examinations on a daily basis.
  • Many investigators find it hard to believe anyone.  This is because they are aggressive by nature and suspicious due to their training and experience. These factors combine to create added stress for both the interviewer and the person being interviewed.  Jerry believes that if  you are taught to look for signs of deception, that is all you will ever see!  He teaches students to look for truthfulness.  If you don't see truthfulness, then the person is lying! All truthful people do the same things while liars try everything.  The Tactical Interviewing Program quickly identifies the truthful person.  Most importantly, it is easy on both the investigator and the interviewee.  
  • This program provides the most effective technique for Insurance Investigators, Private Industry, and Law Enforcement.
  • Come to this seminar and learn the most effective method of interviewing. Jerry Lewis has learned that we give liars way too much credit and we don't give ourselves enough!  The person being interviewed knows everything - so should we.
  • Knowledge is power!  The Tactical Interviewing Program is loaded with the most pertinent information on interviewing and getting confessions.